I’ve only done this 3 times…ever

I’m so proud of myself for trying this little wakeboard trick. Physically it’s not difficult, but the biggest challenges are mental: A fear of biting it hard by catching an edge, and secondly, having your back to the boat. But on this particular day, it worked out and there was a camera rolling!

Wild manta rays off Florida coast

The “Salt Life” stickers I often see are a good reminder of how much I love the ocean. We all need a little salt water therapy now and again, right? I recently spent time on the coast and I’m always amazed by what I see there. This particualar trip, it was this: I can’t thinkContinue reading “Wild manta rays off Florida coast”

Wacky Wednesday: Just the Two of Us

They’re called Remoras. You know those fish that attach themselves to sharks? But I’m wondering which little fishy was the first one to think, “Hey, let’s try this!” Because I know for me, when I see a shark my first thought isn’t that I want to swim with it. Anyway, happy Wedneday to ya! -OutContinue reading “Wacky Wednesday: Just the Two of Us”

Call Me Maybe: Wilder Family Version

This is the 3rd year I’ve convinced my family to dance on video for the world to see. I told them only about 10 people will watch it, so that seemed to work. Check us out dancing to the ultra smash hit “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen! Enjoy and feel free to commentContinue reading “Call Me Maybe: Wilder Family Version”