The Bachelorette- something I liked about Tayshia Adams

Say what you want about Tayshia Adams taking over the Bachelorette when Clare went ga-ga over Dale and swiftly left the show… with Dale… (and most people LOVE Tayshia), I noticed one of her Bachelorette habits that I really liked. If you’re not familiar with the show, one thing they do is have group dates. This is where the Bachelorette goes on a date with a handful of guys. At the end of this date it’s expected that there will be one rose handed out which guarantees the person receiving it stays around for another week.

Usually there is a moment where the person gets the rose then meanders around to find the one contestant they want to give it to. With Tayshia in this situation, she did just that but before giving the rose to one guy, she would single out a few of them and say really positive things about her time with them. She complimented them and built them up and then would give the rose to one of them. I think that sort of approach probably had a great affect on the morale of the guys individually and as a group.

Break it to me gently, as the song goes. At least it wasn’t a blow to all the other guys when just one got the group date rose. There were compliments given and I think even for the guys not getting the rose, this softened the edge of not getting the rose.

I like the idea of being complimentary like she was in these situations. I’ve already incorporated a similar thing in my own world, and I will try to do it more and more as I have the opportunity. However, I will never be auditioning for the show.

Do you think her attempt at building the guys up can apply and have benefits in the real world? Chime in below with your comments!

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Favorite non-Elvis, Elvis performances

In honor of Elvis Presley’s birthday (tomorrow, Jan 8th), I thought I’d compile a short list of performances that have stuck with me over the years. These are from movies, YouTube, and TV, and feature songs made famous by Elvis. I’ll just be honest, they’re mostly “Can’t Help Falling in Love” performances, except for this first one…

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in The Game Plan (2007)

Kina Grannis singing in wedding scene from Crazy Rich Asians (2018)

YouTubers Powerfox and Poneymane, one of whom tried out for American Idol years ago (2010)

Lisa Donnelly during Ashley and JP’s Bachelor Wedding Special (2012)

Do you have any to add to this list? Chime in with a comment below!

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Face mask covering your face tats?

According to this blog post, around 3,000,000 people have face tattoos. That’s quite a bit more than I would’ve guessed, for sure! I was watching an episode of the Bachelorette and it was the hometown dates. I promise this connects to face tattoos, just hang on. 🙂 The Bachelorette Tayshia is at the point in her “righteous endeavor” that she’s doing the hometown dates. It looks a little different this year because, well, it’s 2020, so the families of the remaining men actually came to the Bachelorette compound and they all sort of pretended they were in their real hometown. Anyway, one of the families included the brother of Ivan, a guy hoping to end up with Tayshia. This brother was full of tattoos, including all over his face and neck.

Then, in a very random way, I found out for the first time ever who Lil Xan is. I regret ever finding out about this young man (no offense, Lil Xan). This rocked me enough to write up another post just about him. I won’t even ruin your day by including a picture.

But then I went down a rabbit hole wondering about how all these face tattoo people feel about wearing masks for coronavirus. It’s like they’re covering up someone’s masterpiece. Well, “masterpiece” might be a stretch, but the tattoos these people probably love are often covered by the masks. For those of you who work in sales, it would be like winning a big account but you’re not allowed to tell anyone. Or a football player scoring a touchdown that gets called back by a holding penalty. Seeing your dog walk upright but forgetting to hit record on your camera.

They’ve GOT to be disappointed with all these mask mandates, right? Of course, the two examples above (Ivan’s brother and Lil Xan) have tattoos near their eyes, too, so the masks don’t completely cover up all the ink.

Anyway, if you’re one of the three million that have a face tattoo and feel like sharing, comment below with your thoughts. I’ll be waiting curiously.

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What’s that song in the Dell computer commercial?

I was watching the Bachelorette weightlifting (like real men do) and a commercial came on advertising a Dell laptop computer. Take a look at the ad here.

The product is the Dell XPS 13 shown in up-close detail with the soundtrack provided by a band called Danger Twins. The song is called “Thing of Beauty.” Here is the full track:

The song was released in 2019 on their “Say Ooh” EP, also debuting in 2019. The band also has a song used for a Nintendo Switch ad:

For more info on popular commercials, check out my commercials page. Thanks for stopping by!

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The Bachelorette Clare Crawley debuts tonight!

Once upon a time I blogged about The Bachelor/ette franchise. I liked all my posts, and even loved some of them, like this one confessing this show is my guilty pleasure. It’s been less pleasure and more annoying as the seasons have gone on, mostly because of the maniacal producers setting up the drama. In fact, that’s why I boycotted last season. But alas, Clare Crawley is the star of the season making its debut tonight.

I have liked Clare Crawley from her first appearance on the Bachelor, back when Juan “esss okkkk” Pablo was the one searching for love. Then I fell in love with her as she delivered a total rejection of Juan “esss okkkk” Pablo. She was the one of the last two contestants Juan “esss okkkk” Pablo was to choose from and he chose the other woman. As he feigned heartbreak over the decision, she unleashed havock upon his soul. Take a look, it was pretty amazing.

So yeah, I’m a fan. To be totally honest, I was a fan of Juan “esss okkkk” Pablo, too, until we all got to know him. He had appeared on the Bachelorette and came off as being very likable, probably because he barely talked. Once he became the Bachelor…

As I mentioned earlier, I have actually given up on entire seasons of the Bachelor/ette because of the fakeness orchestrated by producers, but I’ll watch tonight as Clare welcomes a million guys to the mansion hoping to right what Juan “esss okkkk” Pablo did wrong. Plus, it’ll be interesting as the season goes on (if I’m still watching) how they handle the mask/covid situation.

If you’re watching tonight, what are you most looking forward to? What are you least looking forward to?

-Out of the Wilderness