What happened to The Bachelor franchise?

Today’s post is coming from a long time fan of The Bachelor and all it’s spinoffs. I’ve watched for years and it’s taken me a long time to admit the show is trash. Some would say it was always trash but I truly believe in the beginning they actually cared about people finding love. Now, though, and for quite a few seasons, it’s just been about creating drama and what I assume is the producers caring mostly about ratings. There’s probably still a shred of honesty left in the show’s creators, like maybe a part of them truly wants the bachelor/ette to find “their person.” But mostly it’s about ratings, and therefore, money.

The best way to describe why I despise The Bachelor franchise (aka one reason I don’t watch anymore) is like this: Do you remember the kids game/activity called “Telephone”? It’s where there are a group of people and the first person tells the second a phrase or sentence. The second tries to repeat it to the third, as best as they can remember. The third tells the fourth, all the way down the line. By the time the last person says the sentence aloud it’s pretty far off from the original sentence. That’s what The Bachelor and The Bachelorette are now.

I’d actually love to watch season one just to see how seemingly innocent it was back then and now, decades later, it’s turned into an intentional train wreck. “Here for the right reasons” is a misleading phrase because none of them are there for the right reasons! My last thought is that I can no longer justify spending two hours each week watching something so clearly orchestrated but trying to sell me that it’s not.

So until it gets back to the original recipe, I’ll be dining elsewhere.

Thanks for dropping by (for the right reasons)…

-Out of the Wilderness

Published by Ben Wilder

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