Would you go back?

Hello there and thanks for taking a chance on reading a post here at Out of the Wilderness. Today’s post is a bit reflective, but I also write about lighthearted things like camping, dating, God and faith, and my dogs. Check those out when you have a chance. Ok, on to today’s thoughts…

Is there a period in your life you’d go back to, given the opportunity? It’s often the plot in movies, books, and TV shows and I think about it sometimes, especially with how things are in the world right now. I know I wouldn’t go back to childhood, middle, or high school. Those were fun times, don’t get me wrong. I *might* go back to college years. After that age, I wouldn’t go back to being in my 20s or 30s. Again, many great experiences but I love where I am now, in my 40s. I wouldn’t want to go through the hard things again, the awkward experiences, the loss of loved ones, embarrassing moments with peers, etc. Of course, I have regrets and there are things I would do differently, but I almost firmly believe I’m on the track I should be on.

One of my favorite Kenny Chesney songs is “A Lot of Things Different.” It was a single of his in the early 2000s (years before I worked in country music and then got laid off from that job). The song reflects on how people say they wouldn’t change their past at all, but he goes against the grain by saying he would change things. In fact, he would do a lot of things different. While I wouldn’t go back, there are things I would’ve, and probably should’ve, done differently. But that’s life, right? Remembering those *hesitates to call them mistakes* ought to help me make better decisions in the present and future. Otherwise, did I learn anything from the past? A few thoughts are now coming to mind…

  1. From the handful of regrets I have, most are not things I did. They’re things I didn’t do. So my advice to the younger me would be to try things. Live carefully of course, but most of the things you’ll regret will be what you didn’t do, not what you did.
  2. A Bible verse shared in church recently sort of fits this blog post. It’s from Romans… what fruit came from the things you’re now ashamed of? This is referring to sin more than the overall course of a person’s life, but I still find it applicable.
  3. We all should’ve put a few dollars into Bitcoin back in 2010/11. Sigh.

Cryptocurrency aside, I hope this post helps you reflect on your life, even for a moment. If you’re willing to share, leave a comment with a few thoughts about why you love where you are or why you don’t.

Thanks for dropping in…

-Out of the Wilderness

Things I did or didn’t do, what results came from them? What should I do different now so the fruit is sweet and not bitter?

-Out of the Wilderness

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