Would you go back?

Hello there and thanks for taking a chance on reading a post here at Out of the Wilderness. Today’s post is a bit reflective, but I also write about lighthearted things like camping, dating, God and faith, and my dogs. Check those out when you have a chance. Ok, on to today’s thoughts… Is thereContinue reading “Would you go back?”

Justin Bieber “Yummy” video: eat it up, or lost your appetite?

Justin Bieber’s new video for “Yummy” might make your stomach growl! Here’s a list of all the food I recognize in the video: Box of Chinese food, water with lemon, bread roll, French fries, gelatin dessert cake ┬áthing, white bread with cheese, cake, lime jello cake, bread cake, fish, shrimp, green peas, croissants, lobster, cheeseContinue reading “Justin Bieber “Yummy” video: eat it up, or lost your appetite?”

Maroon 5 “Memories” music video great, except for one strike against it

I heard this song on SiriusXM for the first time a few days ago and wow, it’s one of those songs you almost need to pull off the road and just listen. It’s that good. Perhaps it hits harder if you can relate, and perhaps it’s unfortunate if you can relate… because loss and theContinue reading “Maroon 5 “Memories” music video great, except for one strike against it”

The woman in Kip Moore’s “Blonde” video

Kip Moore’s latest video features a female lead who starts off like your every day girl-next-door; red plaid shirt, ripped jeans and all. But big-time success soon turns her into a different person; less clothing, new hair, and of course, forgetting where she came from. Take a look… Now, you might be thinking the womanContinue reading “The woman in Kip Moore’s “Blonde” video”

Top 5 Kenny Chesney Music Videos

Kenny Chesney’s come a long way since this: Although one could argue that mullets (no, that’s not a shadow you see, it’s a mullet) were once considered cool. Just like rat tails and fanny packs, one of which I still wear today. I’ll let you guess. Hint: it rhymes with shmanny shmack, but I digress.Continue reading “Top 5 Kenny Chesney Music Videos”