Rap Music vs. Country Music, polar opposites

I’ve believed the following statement for more than a decade, but for some reason, I don’t think I’ve ever written about it. I’ll preface the idea with these two truths: I love music, all kinds. This is neither a slam for rap or country music, just an observation. OK, are you ready? Well first, ifContinue reading “Rap Music vs. Country Music, polar opposites”

CMA Awards: Bro-country vs. Bra-country

I can’t say whether the tides are changing in country music but if you use the recent CMA Awards as any sort of example of what country music is like today, you may notice who wasn’t there. Remember back in the early to mid-2010s when “bro-country” became a thing? Artists like Florida Georgia Line, JasonContinue reading “CMA Awards: Bro-country vs. Bra-country”

Is Luke Bryan’s “Strip It Down” a subtle nod to swingers and chop shops?

It’s Luke Bryan, so pretty much no matter what the video looks like, fans are going to be gushing over it. And it’s true for his latest video featuring the song, “Strip It Down.” Although from some fan comments¬†online, they seem to be gushing over the Chevy truck just as much as the singer. TheContinue reading “Is Luke Bryan’s “Strip It Down” a subtle nod to swingers and chop shops?”

Pictures of Shania Twain Fall at the 2011 CMT Music Awards

Check out Carrie Underwood performing “How Great Thou Art” as compared to Elvis performing the same song. 9:30 it’s over, I’m gonna eat dessert now! Thanks for reading Jeff, Esther, Tracey and Dave. My true friends. 9:29 Kid Rock says he loves being a part of country music. Tosses back to Jason Aldean who playsContinue reading “Pictures of Shania Twain Fall at the 2011 CMT Music Awards”

Music Roulette: 50 Songs in 1 Paragraph

How many songs can you identify? The¬†first hint is that there are fifty songs listed, and each song lyric connects to the next through one or more overlapping words. Good luck! (you can look at the key words listed on this post for some help!) I miss those blue eyes. How you kiss me atContinue reading “Music Roulette: 50 Songs in 1 Paragraph”