The Bachelorette Clare Crawley debuts tonight!

Once upon a time I blogged about The Bachelor/ette franchise. I liked all my posts, and even loved some of them, like this one confessing this show is my guilty pleasure. It’s been less pleasure and more annoying as the seasons have gone on, mostly because of the maniacal producers setting up the drama. In fact, that’s why I boycotted last season. But alas, Clare Crawley is the star of the season making its debut tonight.

I have liked Clare Crawley from her first appearance on the Bachelor, back when Juan “esss okkkk” Pablo was the one searching for love. Then I fell in love with her as she delivered a total rejection of Juan “esss okkkk” Pablo. She was the one of the last two contestants Juan “esss okkkk” Pablo was to choose from and he chose the other woman. As he feigned heartbreak over the decision, she unleashed havock upon his soul. Take a look, it was pretty amazing.

So yeah, I’m a fan. To be totally honest, I was a fan of Juan “esss okkkk” Pablo, too, until we all got to know him. He had appeared on the Bachelorette and came off as being very likable, probably because he barely talked. Once he became the Bachelor…

As I mentioned earlier, I have actually given up on entire seasons of the Bachelor/ette because of the fakeness orchestrated by producers, but I’ll watch tonight as Clare welcomes a million guys to the mansion hoping to right what Juan “esss okkkk” Pablo did wrong. Plus, it’ll be interesting as the season goes on (if I’m still watching) how they handle the mask/covid situation.

If you’re watching tonight, what are you most looking forward to? What are you least looking forward to?

-Out of the Wilderness

The Bachelor Finale

There was an electricity running through the office today. It’s not like tonight is the Super Bowl or anything, but there will be a championship ring, if you will. Typically it’s a ring from Neil Lane and it’s intended for the hand of the woman to whom Juan Pablo offers the final rose. I won’t chase the rabbit trail of my prediction for tonight (Nikki wins, no proposal, they already broke up, and Andi’s the next Bachelorette) but I will say this… creators of the show need to reach out beyond the pool of former contestants for the next Bachelor and Bachelorette. I like Andi, she’s probably a nice girl. But the method they use to choose the star of every following season is very much like my dog eating her own vomit. It’s never going to be better than it was the first time around. Somehow, though, ABC continues to tell us it’s “the most dramatic season ever” or especially tonight, “the finale all of America will be talking about.”

But I’ll stop being a Negative Nancy. I’ll be Positive Paul because I’m the commissioner of the CMT Bachelor Fantasy League and tonight is our Super Bowl! One winner will be crowned and I’m excited to be keeping stats for the next 4 hours! Call me weird, just don’t call me late for dinner… and definitely don’t call me and tell me to apply to be on the show!

-Out of the Wilderness

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