American Idol – The Winner Surprises Nobody and Was That Dana Carvey?

Season 21 has wrapped up with two of my top three battling for the title of this season’s American Idol, and the winner shouldn’t surprise you. This contestant was an early favorite and his popularity never tapered off. It’s Iam Tongi! (as if you didn’t already know 🙃) Megan Danielle ended up getting second place.Continue reading “American Idol – The Winner Surprises Nobody and Was That Dana Carvey?”

American Idol – Tea with Royals and a Perfect Twist of Irony

Isn’t it ironic? American Idol judges Katy and Lionel are over in England for a royal to-do and England’s own Ed Sheeran is here in the U.S. to be a guest judge on Idol. I wonder if he’ll say anything about the coronation of King Charles III and is it as awkward as it seemsContinue reading “American Idol – Tea with Royals and a Perfect Twist of Irony”

Green Day song identifies as Grammy Award winner

Santa Monica, CA – Rock alternative band Green Day has another Grammy Award to brag about. Their decades-old song “She” recently declared it now identifies as “I Will Always Love You,” a track more commonly associated with Whitney Houston. The song has been called “She” since the early 1990s but as societal norms have changedContinue reading “Green Day song identifies as Grammy Award winner”

American Idol – Rules, What Rules?

I’ve been enjoying this season of American Idol. There are at least 10 great singers in the top 24. Scratch that, judges broke rules to keep another 2 so instead of 24 there are 26 going to the live shows. I love the singing and I’m not trying to be a party pooper but oneContinue reading “American Idol – Rules, What Rules?”

Katy Perry Mocks Gay, Black Man

Katy Perry recently called out a gay, black guy last week. She and the guy had a disagreement and the guy casually said, “Katy, chill out…” which didn’t go over well with Katy. Almost under her breath she mocked his sexuality, race, and gender in one short but sarcastic sentence, “Gay, black male tells womanContinue reading “Katy Perry Mocks Gay, Black Man”