The SiriusXM Commercial – Dinner with the Stars

I’ve been a subscriber to SiriusXM for a few years now and while I have my handful of “go-to” channels, there is so much more than that. A wide range of music plus comedy and sports and politics and the list goes on. This is the message in SiriusXM’s latest ad featuring a few starsContinue reading “The SiriusXM Commercial – Dinner with the Stars”

Buick’s “See Her Greatness” Commercials – Genius or Ironic Fail?

Hello and thanks for coming over to this blog post today. I post every day at 1pm central about all sorts of things. Today’s entry is about a series of ads from car manufacturer Buick. The message couldn’t be more culturally relevant. Take a look (more accurately, a “listen”) to this ad… I know YouTubeContinue reading “Buick’s “See Her Greatness” Commercials – Genius or Ironic Fail?”

Sniffer’s gonna sniff: a story about my amazing dogs and something important I lost

It’s a beautiful day. Nashvillians are entering into the time of year that makes cold winters bearable. Days where the sun is bright and warm, and winter ice is a thing of the past. One day not too long ago was one of these days, so I went for a hike at Percy Warner ParkContinue reading “Sniffer’s gonna sniff: a story about my amazing dogs and something important I lost”

Thank you, India… and Other Favorite Names

I bet you didn’t think this post would be about Alanis Morissette, did you? Well, you’re in the ball park of being right. I heard her on the radio and totally forgot about the song “Thank U.” She wrote it after a memorable trip to India, so that’s why the chorus repeats “Thank you, India.”Continue reading “Thank you, India… and Other Favorite Names”

I Was 4 Years Old Again

When you have those rare moments that shut you up, what do you think about? When you’re not close to death, but your life flashes before your eyes, what do you do next? Are the experiences you least expect the ones you remember the most? I wasn’t expecting to get all nostalgic and deep tonight,Continue reading “I Was 4 Years Old Again”