American Idol – Tea with Royals and a Perfect Twist of Irony

Isn’t it ironic? American Idol judges Katy and Lionel are over in England for a royal to-do and England’s own Ed Sheeran is here in the U.S. to be a guest judge on Idol. I wonder if he’ll say anything about the coronation of King Charles III and is it as awkward as it seems that he’s not there?

Ed will share judging responsibilities with another well-known (unless you’re under the age of 30) artist, Alanis Morissette. I’ll be honest, I’ve known her and her music for decades but hardly recognized her in this SiriusXM commercial last year. At least Luke Bryan will be there to advise the judges on how to judge. Alanis is also the mentor so that’ll be interesting.

My Two Pence. I can’t think of a single reason any of us here in the U.S. should care about the daily happenings of the royal family. Now I’m thinking about the wedding that people woke up early to watch and the media frenzy when Harry and Meghan had a baby. Who gives a flying flip!

Royal Rules. After last week’s show and after reading my exceptional recap (sarcasm), you’re aware the show is down to eight contestants: Zachariah, Haven, Wé Ani, Oliver, Warren, Iam, Megan, and Colin. I read that they’re going down to five tonight, although I’m wondering if they would give guest judges that much responsibility? I know America is voting, but it still puts some pressure on Ed (who is kind of coming off a tough week, don’t ya know) and Alanis to judge fairly and professionally. Plus, the show doesn’t seem to care about rules anymore, so why not delay eliminations for one week?

Proper Predictions. At this point in the show it’s hard to easily pick who will be going home. They’re all so talented! Each of the singers have a clear musical lane they’re aiming for as a professional, except one. Historically I’ve casted votes for Zachariah, Wé Ani, Iam, Megan, and Colin. So I’ll go with those as my top five. Cutting Warren is tough and Haven clearly has all-around talent. Oliver… I can’t categorize him in any particular genre so I think that will be his downfall.

Who are your top five? Do you care about what goes on with the royal family? Chime in with your thoughts below and until we meet again, cheerio…

-Out of the Wilderness


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