American Idol – No Rules, Just Right

You thought that was the slogan for Outback Steakhouse, didn’t you? Not so fast, bubba! It’s been appropriated by American Idol who seems to be going the route of an old show called Lost. Remember that show? I’ll give you a little time to try to figure out the connection… it’s crazy!

This is a great season of American Idol. The level of talent is very high and let’s just be real, I’ve picked the best as my top three… Zachariah Smith, Iam Tongi, and Megan Danielle.

OK, I’ll be real again… all I really did was pick the singers I like the most and it’s a total coincidence that my taste in music is matching up with America’s votes. But hey, I’ll take it! The truth is that the other seven singers in the top 10 are great, too. I mean, have you heard Wé Ani or Colin Stough recently? Warren Peay is killing it, too. Haven might be the total package.

OK, now for the connection to Lost. I loved Lost until the last season or two when it appeared as though the producers/writers were just making it up as they went. Each episode led to more questions than they ever answered. It was maddening! American Idol hasn’t been that annoying yet but what’s with the voting changes every week? It seems like each episode has new rules for voting and that’s outrageous. For instance, voting last night was only open DURING the show. For the past however many episodes, voting wasn’t even allowed till the episode ended. It’s a pretty big deal to make that change without explaining it VERY well, which they didn’t do. Not to mention, what happens to people who watch the show from their DVR? No votes coming from those fans. This isn’t the first time the show bent rules or just threw the rules out all together. Remember when they were supposed to have 24 contestants but instead went with 26? Producers are doing nothing to make it easier for fans to follow along and vote correctly. It’s the kind of thing that could make someone stop watching altogether.

OK, stepping off my little pedestal now! The performances last night were pretty incredible. Let’s be real again… If you can name someone who has a chance to beat Iam, share in the comments below. It comes down to a few things with the lovable Hawaiian. Like Luke said after Iam performed, it’s impossible to not love him. It’s his voice. His story. His humility. Like I said in this post, listening to him sing makes us think it’s all gonna be OK.

Speaking of humility, the two singers who were eliminated didn’t surprise anyone. In fact, the top 10 last week (not including the two judges saves Lucy Love and Nutsa) are the same top 10 this week. In other words, Lucy Love and Nutsa couldn’t rely on the judges this time and they were sent home for good. My guess is that Lucy’s attitude cost her a spot in the top 10 and Nutsa, it’s hard to guess. Maybe that she’s not American and it kinda feels weird to vote for someone to be the American Idol that’s not American? But she certainly had all the stage presence and a voice that made many jealous. At the end of the day, America has spoken and the judges probably should’ve saved Paige Ann and Nailya back when they could’ve. Big mistake by Lionel, Katie, and Luke but that’s ancient history now because tonight we’ll watch the ten perform again for another elimination… I think? It’s kinda hard to predict when we’re supposed to vote, could be during the show, or after, or maybe we already missed the window? Who knows!

-Out of the Wilderness


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