American Idol – Rules, What Rules?

I’ve been enjoying this season of American Idol. There are at least 10 great singers in the top 24. Scratch that, judges broke rules to keep another 2 so instead of 24 there are 26 going to the live shows. I love the singing and I’m not trying to be a party pooper but one of my pet peeves happened in yesterday’s final Showstoppers episode. I know, I know, here we go again with a pet peeve!

The judges mentioned a few times about “rules” and how they’ve been breaking them. One time they strayed from the normal format to let contestant Mariah Faith open a show for Noah Thompson and Huntergirl. Another broken rule was when the let Fire come back for a second audition.

But why stop there?

In the last 2 episodes, judges Lionel, Katy, and Luke mentioned more than a few times how it was so tough to whittle the group down to 24. They even said in order to keep Malik and PJ, they had to cut someone they planned on keeping. Remember that as we get to the surprise ending that wasn’t that surprising. There’s one spot left in the top 24 but 3 contestants sit in front of the judges waiting for their fate to be revealed. They tell Iam Tongi he made it through. As the other two rejects console each other, the judges announce the rejected pair actually made it, too. So instead of 24, there are 26. But what about that one they had to drop earlier in the episode to make room for PJ and Malik!? Why not just have 27 because if you can break the rule to have 26, then who cares if it’s 27 or 28 or 83?

Like I’ve said before, it doesn’t appear that any contestant needed this more than Fire so why not break another rule since rules don’t really seem to matter, and let her go to the live shows? American Idol is so lame. Ugh! But I’ll be watching next week because a handful of my favorites made it through.

As of now, since the top 24 top 26 have been named, my top 2 are Zachariah Smith and Megan Danielle. If I had to pick more favorites, I’d include Warren Peay, Lucy Love, and Iam Tongi. I guess it’s only natural to pick a bottom 3 as well. My least favorites are Michael Williams, Nutsa, and Matt Wilson.

My mom, sister, and I were keeping track of all the contestants chosen for the top 24 and even with the addition of 2 at the end, only 25 were named. You can do a search to find spoilers if you want, and I couldn’t resist, but apparently one singer dropped out which made room for a previously rejected contestant. I won’t name that person, but I suspect we’ll know next week when the show airs live from Hawaii.

How do you feel about the top 26 top 25? Should Fire have been given a green light for another chance to sing live on next week’s show? Chime in below!

-Out of the Wilderness


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