American Idol – Fire is gone, or is she!?

Hello and thanks for checking out my blog today. I post every day at 1pm central and since American Idol has included really talented singers this season, I can’t help but write about some of the episodes. Even judge Katy Perry is growing on me even though she and I would probably agree on 3 or less things in real life. But on the show, I bet we agree that Warren Peay, Wé Ani, Zachariah Smith are top 10 material! In fact, if you watched the first half of this week’s double header, you saw that those three are already going to the top 24 live show next week. Where Katy, Luke, Lionel and I disagree are a few others they sent through last night. I’m talking about talented singers (but not standouts) Michael Williams, PJ, and Malik. Like I’ve said before, I miss Simon. He’d be honest with these three guys. One is only there because he looks like Tom Cruise (as pointed out by my mom). The other two are gay so cutting them would be a hate crime in today’s culture. Idol ain’t got time for that!

I’ll probably get cancelled for using that GIF since I’m a straight, white guy. So the judges broke whatever made up rules the show has, to send both to the top 24. Sadly, as the judges explained, one contestant they had planned on keeping had to be cut to let PJ and Malik through. So they can break made up rules but having 25 singers instead of 24 on next week’s live show is an unbreakable rule? OK, sure.

Then there’s Fire. This show isn’t just about the best singer. I think they made a mistake in letting her go home. But at the end of the episode, they teased about a twist no one will see coming, so I’m sort of hoping somehow Fire gets brought back? Especially after her cryptic tweet yesterday…

Using phrases like “may not have made it” and “you haven’t heard the last of me” is open-ended enough that she very well could return as a wild card, right? I’m sure I’m not the only one who would sniff and possibly cry a little bit if she makes it to the live shows. But the cynical, or practical, side of me thinks that if Fire truly does want to change her life for her daughter’s sake, maybe trying to become the American Idol winner was too lofty of a goal. Certainly there are available jobs somewhere between famous singer and stripper, right? Go work at Best Buy. Drive for Amazon. Apply at Walmart. But who are we kidding? Give her a chance, Idol producers!

Yesterday I posted about my excitement for the upcoming episode. I listed 6 singers I have my eye on, and now 2 of those made it to the next round. One is out (Fire). Tonight’s exciting episode will reveal if I’m correct about the other two.

Who are your favorites? Do you think the big surprise will be swapping Nutsa out for Fire?

-Out of the Wilderness


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