American Idol Top 10 – Nobody Is Safe

Nobody is safe… unless, let’s just be honest here, your name is Iam Tongi. He’s got a lot of momentum after picking great songs each week and singing them with a voice any of us could only dream of having. It’s the type of voice that, when you hear it, you think everything’s going to be OK. That’s so rare.

Iam is safe but you wanna know what ISN’T safe? That pizza in my freezer. I’ve been waiting since last weekend to chow down while I watch American Idol tonight. Iam… safe. Pizza… notsomuch. 

On tonight’s episode two singers will have to pack their bags and go back to the life they had before they auditioned. Yep, the contestants are reduced from 12 to 10. I’ll make a guess based on previous notes that the two going home are (and not just because they were almost eliminated last week) Lucy Love and Nutsa. Like the pizza, they’ll be gone. I know you’re wondering… it’s a meatless meat lovers from Trader Joe’s. I know, right?

Speaking of my favorite things (pizza, remember?), my top 3 contestants on Idol are Zachariah Smith, Megan Danielle, and Iam Tongi. In my recaps which you can read here, I’ve mentioned them somewhat often. I love them because of their voices, their joyful spirit, and they’re just so likable. But it must be reiterated, their voices… oh my goodness. They sound so different from one other but each incredible in their own way. Another singer to watch out for is Colin Stough. In the world of pizza, he would be that one vegan option at the pizza shop that you didn’t know had a vegan option. Then it turns out to be amazing. Last week Luke Bryan became Jumping Luke Bryan when he jumped on stage after Colin’s great performance. Colin really could be peaking at the right time. 

I have high hopes about a couple of things tonight. 

1. Tonight’s episode will be great (with or without a surprise appearance from the fly)

2. Pizza (obviously)

-Out of the Wilderness


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