American Idol has 24 or 26 in Hawaii?

American Idol airs tonight, the first episode from Hawaii and just like last week, I’m pumped. But there is a little bit of confusion about how many contestants are actually there. Of course, the original plan (because American Idol rules matter?) was to have 24 singers. But if you kept track last week as the judges sorted through the keepers and the rejects, you already know the magic number was 25. This is where it got a little messy. There were 23 confirmed for Hawaii when the final 3 contestants sat in front of the judges awaiting their fate.

This meant one would go through and two would go home. Or so we thought! Judges pulled a fast one and let all three move on to the live shows. That means 26, then, right? Wrong-o! Every list you’ll see of the top 26 actually only shows 25. This is because one contestant (who hasn’t been named) dropped out. There are spoilers out there so I won’t ruin it for you here. You can find out if that’s what you really want. The question now is… who takes that 26th spot!? Of course, there are spoilers for that, too, and deep down I hope it’s Fire. I guess we’ll all find out at the same time (unless you couldn’t resist those spoilers 😛).

I really like the stats on TV Insider that show the social media numbers for all 26, wait, 24… no wait, 25 contestants. Nutsa is at the top of that list with the most Instagram followers (383,000) and the least amount of followers is Nailyah (1,900).

Only time will tell if social media is an accurate indicator of fan participation. Who is your favorite contestant? Chime in below and let’s chat!

-Out of the Wilderness


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