American Idol – Luke Calls Colin Cute and the Top 5

I’ve strayed from my normal note-taking during American Idol episodes because the top 8 singers would be getting 10s in all categories. At the end of the latest episode, 8 shrunk shrunk down to 5 when Oliver, Haven, and Warren were eliminated. Here are my thoughts from the episode in the form of a list, because who doesn’t love lists?

What’s with the weird and unnecessary connection to England

Was King Charles even speaking English? Couldn’t understand

More drug commercials

Loved the input from Alanis for each contestant

Duets were OK

Can anyone beat Iam? Serious question

Love that Alanis performed an old song of hers

Ed Sheeran seems like a really nice and humble dude

Luke called Colin cute

Top 2 tonight were Megan and Iam

The finale is in two weeks???

I was right about the bottom 3 in my post yesterday

Did I miss anything? I can’t believe the finale is less than two weeks away now. My top 3 continue to be Zachariah, Megan, and Iam. What Iam did with his Hawaiian lei, giving it to Oliver, was a sweet moment barely caught on camera, and makes everyone like Iam even more (if that’s possible?). It appears as though Iam will be the winner (lots of social chatter, his YouTube videos far surpass everyone else’s) but as is always the case, anything can happen. Should be a fun final two episodes.

See you tomorrow (because I post every day at 1pm central!).

-Out of the Wilderness


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