DeSantis makes lethal career blunders?

I don’t know if I can take another 18 months of the politics as it’s being reported in the news and on various social networks. It’s mind-boggling that the next presidential election is so far away and yet here we are with politicians declaring their candidacy (Republicans mostly, as Joe Biden seems to be a shoe-in for the Democrats).

I voted for Donald Trump but I think his time has passed. That’s not taking away anything from what he did when he was in the office. In fact, I very much appreciate his four years as president. I just think his term was perfect timing and he was meant for the time he was president. Another term? I have my doubts. It seems like someone along the lines of a Ron DeSantis would be more fitting for where the country is now. The problem is that DeSantis seems to be making some blunders.

What’s it called when basically all someone needs to do is coast into the next phase of whatever they’re doing? Like when a football team is winning 40 to 7 with just a quarter to go. Don’t do anything crazy. Just play smart and win the game. DeSantis was poised to coast into a Republican nomination run but he’s made a few decisions that baffle me and others. Does that take away from his overall stance on what Americans care about? Maybe not. But changing laws in Florida to fit your political needs, feuding with Disney, and seemingly unnecessary overseas trips (as a governor of a state) certainly doesn’t look good. There’s a bit of a signal though, in him always being in the news. It means he’s making his opponents nervous. If he weren’t a threat, no one would really care what he does or where he goes. But it’s hard to get through a day without hearing about DeSantis in one way or another. To illustrate this point, when’s the last time you heard about Doug Burgum in the national news? Exactly. He’s the governor of North Dakota and I had to look up “who’s the governor of North Dakota” just to find out who it is.

There’s definitely an element of joy in NOT watching the news, and I suppose I’ll be going through phases where I watch a lot of it and then need a detox. It would be nice, though, if both sides could just calm down and do some actual compromising instead of fueling division.

-Out of the Wilderness


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