Democrats in the media are freakin’ NUTS!

Lizzo brings Stacey Abrams on stage and that’s OK but when Luke Bryan has Ron DeSantis on stage, the liberal left lose their ever-loving minds. Dear Lord, three things I pray… to love you more dearly, to follow you more nearly, and for Democrats to stop being idiots. The same left wing nut jobs whoContinue reading “Democrats in the media are freakin’ NUTS!”

In Fraud We Trust

I recently read in the Bible from 1 Peter where it says, “Honor everyone. Love the brotherhood. Fear God. Honor the Emperor.” When I read this I felt a bit convicted about the way I have been thinking of Joe Biden, the 46th President of the United States. In America, he is our President (Emperor).Continue reading “In Fraud We Trust”

Fragile Biden shows another sign of weakness, vulnerability

At this point in his political career, Joe Biden’s 2020 Presidential run is looking more like Lemony Snicket’s Series of Unfortunate Events. How he is anyone’s #1 choice for President is mind-boggling. He seems to have miscues or gaffes almost daily. If you still need to vote, consider that it might be the Democrats planContinue reading “Fragile Biden shows another sign of weakness, vulnerability”

Did Joe Biden actually die in 1988?

News broke recently that when Joe Biden was at Walter Reed Hospital he needed nurses to do a few things for him: Go to his home to get his pillows Whisper in his ear Breath into his nose I’m not a male nurse like Gaylord Focker but don’t those 3 things sound like something aContinue reading “Did Joe Biden actually die in 1988?”

Bernie Sanders ends his presidential run… again

I just came across the news that Bernie has suspended his campaign. I guess the shushing Joe Biden is the guy now. Who will be his running mate? Possibly her? Or her? I wonder why Bernie picked today to make the announcement. I still think he would’ve had a better shot of beating Trump inContinue reading “Bernie Sanders ends his presidential run… again”