American Idol Top 8 – Why isn’t anybody talking about this??

Well, that’s a fine how de’ ya’ do! Megan Danielle was cuter than a speckled pup under a cabbage leaf AND had us almost cryin’ crocodile tears when she gave her best American Idol performance of the season. She did Vince Gill’s “Go Rest High on That Mountain.”

I keep saying that Megan’s voice has something like the quality of a 65-year-old who’s been smoking for 70 years. Kind of like Phoebe singing with a cold on Friends. There’s just a quality that can’t really be duplicated. Then she picks a song with so much power and meaning behind it? We’ll all be dipped and rolled in cracker crumbs before we hear anyone outdo that little number! Unless Megan does what my sister suggested… sing “How Great Thou Art.” If she does that, just call me a sheep and herd me to the pen, I’ll be done voting for anyone else. You just know that performance would have us all grinnin’ like a possum eatin’ a sweet tater.


Why haven’t the judges mentioned that Haven Madison is so much like Taylor Swift? Not just in physical appearance even though she’s as cute as a spotted horse in a daisy pasture, but her style, talents, and delivery are so much like early Taylor Swift. I just can’t wrap my head around the music industry having two Taylors… but that might just be a ‘me’ problem.

With all the other mentions of artists in regards to their representation with the Idol contestants (lots of Chris Stapleton comparisons), still we only hear crickets when it comes to Haven and Taylor. There was a moment that made me chuckle in one of the episodes, and the perfect opportunity for Luke, Katy, or Lionel to say SOMEthing when Haven performed an original song called “Fifteen.” I thought to myself, “Did I just hear that right?” Why did I ask myself that except that there’s another song with that title by none other than Taylor Swift! How peculiar.

With that said, Haven is the total package even if her voice isn’t as strong as Megan or Zachariah or Iam (side note: neither is Taylor’s so who cares, right?). And it’s worth saying that she appears to be a great songwriter and no other contestant this season even comes close to her wardrobe choices. She simply blows everyone away with her style.

Other favorites in this poorly written recap of last night’s episode (I swear this is a recap!), Wé Ani, Colin, and of course, Iam. Wé Ani’s voice sounds years more mature than the others. While contestant like Tyson, for instance, sing about love but I just don’t believe it because he’s so young, Wé Ani’s voice tells a story that I can believe. Colin is the black horse of this season. He might very well trot up (like a horse does?) and win this thing. Iam, what else can be said that the judges and America haven’t already said? His voice is just amazing.

Do you have favorites this season? Did you cry during part of Megan’s performance, or the whole dang thing?

-Out of the Wilderness


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