The Clothes and Music of Gap TV Commercial – “Too Fast” By Sonder

Gap has an ad out featuring the slick dance moves of Lil Buck and Miles Yachts. I guess wearing Gap clothes makes you a good dancer? If so, I need a major wardrobe overhaul. Check out the 30-second commercial below. The song is “Too Fast” by Sonder, a trio formed in the mid-2010s. How aboutContinue reading “The Clothes and Music of Gap TV Commercial – “Too Fast” By Sonder”

Gap TV ad featuring “Come Together” by…

In a country that seems clearly divided, you might say the company Gap is trying to close the gap with their new series of ads featuring people of all colors and styles. Check out one of the ads here: The well-known song is “Come Together,” made famous by a band called The Beatles. It wasContinue reading “Gap TV ad featuring “Come Together” by…”