To kill, or not to kill

A friend of mine met me for lunch yesterday and among the things we talked about was guns/ gun ownership/ self-defense. I think we got on the topic in somewhat of a round-about way, first discussing what we’d do (or have done) in scenarios where help might have been needed. Think: car accidents, someone beingContinue reading “To kill, or not to kill”

The Reawakening: Part 11

It’s not see you later, it’s goodbye. You know how when you are leaving your friends from high school, or college, or moving to a new town, some friends say, “It’s not goodbye, it’s see you later”? I don’t feel that way at all about the job I was laid off of just a fewContinue reading “The Reawakening: Part 11”

The Reawakening: Part 5

Please fasten your seat belts and turn off all electronics… next stop, Las Vegas! My job comes with perks, and one of them is traveling to exciting locations, for instance, this particular work trip was to Las Vegas, Nevada. We were there shooting a couple of episodes for the show I helped create each week,Continue reading “The Reawakening: Part 5”

Naked Parties in Las Vegas

I recently did something I’ve never done before, and no it’s not going to a naked party in Vegas. I finished reading a book in 5 days. And! it was 352 pages long. Not an easy task for me, that’s for sure. The book is called “Love Is A Canoe.” It was an enjoyable read that keptContinue reading “Naked Parties in Las Vegas”

There’s Nothing Logical About My Biological Clock

Feeling kind of sluggish after returning from Vegas a few days ago. I can’t pinpoint anything specific that’s causing this down-and-out mood. My dogs greeted me with yelps and wagging tails as I arrived home from the airport (which was flattering). I caught up on the latest episodes of Duck Dynasty (which were hilarious). EvenContinue reading “There’s Nothing Logical About My Biological Clock”