Pro or No: Girls in Vegas

It’s always fun in Las Vegas to pick out which girls are working that night, and which girls only dress like they’re working that night. It’s a little game called “Pro or No.” It’s not as difficult as you might think, though. If you spot a couple where the guy looks like Drew Carey andContinue reading “Pro or No: Girls in Vegas”

Hotel Reviews: The Venetian in Las Vegas, NV

(for more hotel reviews, click here) March 2011 Our plane touched down in Las Vegas Thursday early afternoon. Myself and a few colleagues were in town for a 4-day, 3-night stay in The Venetian Hotel. It was not a vacation, but I don’t know how anyone can go to Las Vegas for any reason andContinue reading “Hotel Reviews: The Venetian in Las Vegas, NV”

On A Flight To Las Vegas

High above the clouds I saw the mounds of dirt. I fly from a city of sound to a city of lights. Stay up all night, lose a lot. Keep playing try to make it right. My eyes see many but I feel lonely with many people that barely know me. A city that, byContinue reading “On A Flight To Las Vegas”