Pro or No: Girls in Vegas

It’s always fun in Las Vegas to pick out which girls are working that night, and which girls only dress like they’re working that night. It’s a little game called “Pro or No.” It’s not as difficult as you might think, though. If you spot a couple where the guy looks like Drew Carey and the girl looks like Fann Wong… Pro. You can also make an educated guess by the time of day. If it’s anywhere from 8am to 10am and a girl is leaving any sort of elevator bay area dressed like it’s Friday night at a club in L.A…. Pro.

Attire does factor in, which leads to a new way of determining if a girl is working it, or actually working. I call it, “The High and Tight.” Historically, I’ve thought of that as a military-style haircut, but in this scenario it’s about what the girl is wearing. The higher the skirt, the tighter the skirt, the more likely she’s hoping to get paid to take it off.

Next is the number factors: age and amount of girls swarming together help determine a Pro or No. Typically a group of 3 or more are not Pro’s. And anyone over the age of, let’s say, 30 is not Pro (unless they’re with a guy nearly twice their age!).

When you’re in Vegas, how do you determine who’s on the clock? Feel free to comment below!


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