GMC Hummer crab walk commercial, should we care?

Hello hello! If this is your first time stopping by, thank you. I write about all sorts of things, and a lot about commercials. If you’re curious about a recent ad you’ve seen, find out if it’s already on my Popular TV Commercials page. GMC has been pushing the “crab walk” feature on their newContinue reading “GMC Hummer crab walk commercial, should we care?”

In-game slam dunks I may not ever forget

The top dunk for me will always be Michael Jordan breaking in after a Scottie Pippen free throw. Out of nowhere Jordan pops in the picture and leaps up to slam dunk the missed foul shot. It was amazing. I almost can’t even finish this post because just… wow. But I won’t leave you hangingContinue reading “In-game slam dunks I may not ever forget”

20 “Would You Rather” questions

Would you rather… … hang out with Taylor Swift then go to a Kanye West concert or hang out with Kanye West then go to a Taylor Swift concert? … have a third arm, or a third leg? … be able to hold your breath as long as dolphins can (as long as 8 toContinue reading “20 “Would You Rather” questions”