Yay, sports!

There’s football pre-season, season, playoffs, the championships, and there are the months we wait again for pre-season. But I *suppose* watching the men’s version of the NCAA basketball tournament has had some dramatic, nail-biting games and below has been the best I’ve seen in a long time. Take a look at this crazy ending ofContinue reading “Yay, sports!”

March Justiceness

Have we taken the SJW mindset too far? Even in college basketball’s March Madness, there are multiple teams with “Equality” sewn onto the backs of the players’ jerseys. A basketball team has 5 players on the court per the rules of the game. How long till someone is offended that there are 3 of oneContinue reading “March Justiceness”

This Was Not A Date: After the Final Tulip

It’s been almost two full days. More information about the non-date date has come to my attention that you need to know, it’s only fair that you have the whole story. So take a journey with me, won’t you? If you need to get caught up before we move on, click here. Now that you’reContinue reading “This Was Not A Date: After the Final Tulip”