Invesco QQQ commercials – too many or not enough?

Why is it that from all of last weekend’s amazing March Madness basketball games (I didn’t watch any of the women’s games, sorry Buick), the one memory that keeps bubbling up to the top of my brain is Invesco QQQ commercials? You might say it’s from the huge advertising push from the company, and IContinue reading “Invesco QQQ commercials – too many or not enough?”

March Justiceness

Have we taken the SJW mindset too far? Even in college basketball’s March Madness, there are multiple teams with “Equality” sewn onto the backs of the players’ jerseys. A basketball team has 5 players on the court per the rules of the game. How long till someone is offended that there are 3 of oneContinue reading “March Justiceness”

Jury Duty and March Madness

I’ve been thinking about this all week. Jury duty. I’ve made arrangements at work for the day, or days, I’m missing. But I just realized I don’t know what to wear when I report in. What does someone wear to be a juror? Is my wardrobe part of what gets me selected or dismissed? FullContinue reading “Jury Duty and March Madness”