Watching Santa Clarita Diet, then I noticed THIS…

I could totally be an extra on Santa Clarita Diet. Why? Just check out the shirt this background guy is wearing in season 1, episode 9. I HAVE THE SAME SHIRT!!!! I guess I’m not the only one that shops at Target. I knew that was a good shirt to pick up. Score one for Wilder! -Out ofContinue reading “Watching Santa Clarita Diet, then I noticed THIS…”

Jury Duty and March Madness

I’ve been thinking about this all week. Jury duty. I’ve made arrangements at work for the day, or days, I’m missing. But I just realized I don’t know what to wear when I report in. What does someone wear to be a juror? Is my wardrobe part of what gets me selected or dismissed? FullContinue reading “Jury Duty and March Madness”