Jury Duty and March Madness

I’ve been thinking about this all week. Jury duty. I’ve made arrangements at work for the day, or days, I’m missing. But I just realized I don’t know what to wear when I report in. What does someone wear to be a juror? Is my wardrobe part of what gets me selected or dismissed? Full disclosure here, I don’t own a suit. I have a few jackets. I have some dress pants. The day is fast approaching and I’m clueless. For whoever might be reading this, won’t you be so kind as to comment below with your take on courtroom dress code?

Another mystery at the moment…Billy Ocean’s peculiar pronunciation of “caribbean queen” in the chorus of the song by the same name. For the entirety of time since I first heard that song as a young boy in St. Petersburg, Florida, I thought he was saying “Carry you, me!” and I never thought to question why anyone would say, “carry you, me.” Has anyone in the history of everything ever used those 3 words in that order in a song? Maybe I was too busy collecting baseball cards to spend any time on what I must have thought was a trivial pursuit. Ah well,  commercials are almost over so time to watch more March Madness.

-Out of the Wilderness

7 thoughts on “Jury Duty and March Madness

  1. Haha, I found your post in a search on Google. Just heard the Billy Ocean song on satellite radio and I could never figure out his odd pronunciation as “car-ah-byoon” to add to the long debate over “car-RIB-e-uhn” versus “care-ih-BEE-un.”

  2. Jury Duty – you won’t go wrong with business casual. Khakis if you have them, or really nice jeans, and collared shirt/polo. Don’t go out and buy anything though just for jury duty.

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