Invesco QQQ commercials – too many or not enough?

Why is it that from all of last weekend’s amazing March Madness basketball games (I didn’t watch any of the women’s games, sorry Buick), the one memory that keeps bubbling up to the top of my brain is Invesco QQQ commercials?

You might say it’s from the huge advertising push from the company, and I guess that’s true. They clearly invested a lot of time, effort, and money into promotion during the NCAA tournament. “Brand awareness” is one thing, but by golly, they went overboard like the husband on that Lifetime movie special where a young couple goes on a cruise and you think everything’s fine until the wife can’t find the husband and then someone finds blood on a starboard side handrail and then it’s discovered there was an altercation and the husband didn’t jump off the boat he was pushed!!! and the wife seems really grieved and all and then later there’s surprise evidence that she’s the one who cut him with a piece of glass right on his hand and then she pushed him and he slipped and flipped right over the railing but no one saw it so she quickly fled the scene except a young boy DID see it happened because he was innocently following a butterfly and the butterfly lead him all the way to the scene where the woman and the man were arguing and he definitely saw what happened but was too scared to say anything until he learned to trust the detective who just so happened to be on the cruise ship celebrating her first wedding anniversary with her husband who is a manager of a construction company.

The Invesco QQQ commercials are just like that husband who went flippity floppity overboard. Not only do I not know what they do because I started tuning out their commercials, but now just hearing the name of the company triggers negative feelings and you know as well as I do, in the world of advertising, that ain’t good!

Every commercial break had some random spokesperson analyzing something while chiming in that they’re from Invesco QQQ. I would bet it will be that way again when the games resume this weekend. It was tolerable at first, but I knew something was very wrong when this happened: I was outside when a bird in the trees was chirping. Birds have so, so, so many different types of calls, you know. But this one bird kept chirping and I swear to you it sounded like “Q… Q… Q…” …..then again “Q… Q… Q…” Invesco QQQ has infiltrated the TV, the forest, and lives in my head 24/7!

This is a problem because now there’s not enough room for all my personalities.

-Out of the Wilderness

Published by Ben Wilder

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