March Justiceness

Have we taken the SJW mindset too far? Even in college basketball’s March Madness, there are multiple teams with “Equality” sewn onto the backs of the players’ jerseys. A basketball team has 5 players on the court per the rules of the game. How long till someone is offended that there are 3 of oneContinue reading “March Justiceness”

NCAA Final Four Michigan vs. Syracuse: Steve Fisher Mustard

Pictures below! Just chalk it up to bad timing all around. Highlighting the former Michigan coach, they took a camera shot just after Steve Fisher spilled a spot of mustard. At least the mustard was Michigan yellow.

The Bachelor Brad Womack, Episode 1: He Meets the Girls.

Season 15 kicked off with a remorseful Brad Womack who lead us down Lonesome Road, which is a left off Sad Boulevard and a right on Solitaire Street (if you hit Rejection Lane you’ve gone too far). Brad’s life was at a dead end. In 2007, he finished season 11 of the Bachelor and had no marriage proposal toContinue reading “The Bachelor Brad Womack, Episode 1: He Meets the Girls.”