Amazon’s 1980s style Prime Days Commercial – The Music and More!

Amazon Prime Days (yes, I says “days” because it’s two days!!) are coming up this week and they promoted the extravaganza with an 80s style commercial featuring the talents of Jon Batiste. Take a look, then scroll down for more info! Channeling the 80s heavily in this one, are we? If you recognize the melody,Continue reading “Amazon’s 1980s style Prime Days Commercial – The Music and More!”

Fantasy football 2020 season is a no-go

I’m just happy I can say I’ve been to the mountaintop. It was only a few seasons ago the Billy Oceans reached the summit of fantasy football glory by finishing #1 in the Turn Down for Football League made up of teams coached by friends here in Nashville. Since then, some friends have moved outContinue reading “Fantasy football 2020 season is a no-go”

New XFL football season in 2020! Thanks, no thanks.

For those that think we need more football in our lives, the XFL kicks off in February 2020, the weekend after the NFL Super Bowl. You may remember the XFL from the 1-season-season back in 2001, promoted as a mix of WWE wrestling and professional football. The league folded but supposedly it’s back and betterContinue reading “New XFL football season in 2020! Thanks, no thanks.”

A weekend date night

A few weeks ago, I was thrilled to set up a date for the coming weekend. During the days leading up to the planned date anticipation began building, and anticipation can be your best friend or your worst enemy. On one hand, it can leave you feeling very deflated if what you’re looking forward toContinue reading “A weekend date night”

Fantasy football is back!

Hard to believe another year of football has already started. Is anyone else as excited as I am? Honestly though, if I hadn’t won week 1, I probably wouldn’t be writing this post because I’d be too T.O.’d to talk about it. My team is The Billy Oceans and we’re going on our 11th yearContinue reading “Fantasy football is back!”