I almost had a date in Tulsa

Hello! Thanks for clicking on my post today. A couple things you should know before continuing: 1. I’m single. 2. I have been traveling in a travel trailer on and off this year. Ok, that’s a preface for my experience in Oklahoma recently. I had been camping around the southwest (you can read about allContinue reading “I almost had a date in Tulsa”

I went on a date to a coffeeshop

I’m definitely in favor of coffee shop dates for a multitude of reasons. The biggest reason is that they can be as short as long as the two people want them to be. The details of my date don’t matter to the general public so I’ll just cut right to the chase: I’m so awkwardContinue reading “I went on a date to a coffeeshop”

Last first date of 2021?

When it comes to dating, I’m a big fan of meeting at a coffeeshop for the first one. It can be as short or long as either person wants it and there’s nothing that makes it last longer than it should. For instance, dinner. A first date dinner could be great, but if it’s notContinue reading “Last first date of 2021?”

A weekend date night

A few weeks ago, I was thrilled to set up a date for the coming weekend. During the days leading up to the planned date anticipation began building, and anticipation can be your best friend or your worst enemy. On one hand, it can leave you feeling very deflated if what you’re looking forward toContinue reading “A weekend date night”

Mustache Friday

Tom Selleck.   Hulk Hogan.   White Goodman.   Ben Wilder. What do these four men have in common? A fairly common case of Awesomeupper Lipness. For seven days I wore a mustache with as much commitment as I could muster. Consider it an experiment in social acceptance. Here are a few reactions I got from people: Nice ‘stache. Are you trying toContinue reading “Mustache Friday”