Kentucky Sunrise

From Nashville I drove up to Louisville recently, before the sun was even up! I will claim I’m not a morning person but years of having a real job has me in the habit of waking up early whether I want to or not. With that said, this particular morning was AMAZING. Not because itContinue reading “Kentucky Sunrise”

Follow Up: My Dogs Don’t Smoke

Following up on the news that my dogs aren’t actually addicted to nicotine, just food my neighbor’s been feeding them, I knew a conversation needed to happen. The how and when were still unknown, as were the words I would use to start the showdown. Something like “hey…” or “so anyway…” or “this might soundContinue reading “Follow Up: My Dogs Don’t Smoke”

10 Signs You’re More Redneck Than You Think

You tell everyone you watch Nascar to make fun of the fans, but you’re secretly upset that Jimmie Johnson’s pit stops were slower than the other drivers back in Daytona. The first thing that comes to your mind when someone says “snack” is “deer jerky.” When you get in your vehicle, you’re actually sitting tallerContinue reading “10 Signs You’re More Redneck Than You Think”

This Was Not A Date: After the Final Tulip

It’s been almost two full days. More information about the non-date date has come to my attention that you need to know, it’s only fair that you have the whole story. So take a journey with me, won’t you? If you need to get caught up before we move on, click here. Now that you’reContinue reading “This Was Not A Date: After the Final Tulip”

This Was Not A Date

It finished with a 20 minute ride home shortly after midnight and the scent from tulips riding shotgun filling up the cab of my car. I don’t even remember if I turned on the radio, but I have a crystal clear memory of looking up to the dark starry sky hanging over Interstate 24 andContinue reading “This Was Not A Date”