I bet it was satisfying for her

I’ve been spending quite a bit of time on the road and I always imagine I look like Jimmie Johnson out there. Great hair, perfect beard, manly, the envy of all my peers. The problem is I don’t drive anything like he does professionally. But sometimes, yes sometimes, I like to think I’d win aContinue reading “I bet it was satisfying for her”

I have an aunt Possum

Nicknames. We all know someone who goes by what seems to be a random (and odd) name, but isn’t actually their birth name. Well, my family comes from the south. So I have an aunt Possum. She’s a quirky lady, but then again, possums are quirky animals, right?┬áMy grandmother on my dad’s side was oftenContinue reading “I have an aunt Possum”

What the phone thought she said…

Sometimes using the little mic icon on your phone to search Google is awesomely accurate… sometimes it’s not. My sister was in town and since we have a heated competition going between our two favorite NASCAR drivers, of course we’re going to search for the latest news. All I have to say is, Jeff Gordon’sContinue reading “What the phone thought she said…”

Let’s Burn Rubber! (Daytona 500 Part 2)

Mean pirates. Local fare. Hashtags. We all knew we should get to bed early for the long day coming, especially my dad who would do most, if not all, of driving. So the night before the race was low key. However, I scrambled to come up with some sort of allegiance to Jimmie Johnson becauseContinue reading “Let’s Burn Rubber! (Daytona 500 Part 2)”

Lady and Gentlemen, Start Your Engines! (Daytona 500 Part 1)

Fast cars. Loud engines. Jean shorts. Lady and gentlemen, start… your… engines! Last week, my sister and I went to our first NASCAR race, the Daytona 500. There was fun, there were games, but it wasn’t all fun and games. I’ll get to some of that later, but the story starts back in November onContinue reading “Lady and Gentlemen, Start Your Engines! (Daytona 500 Part 1)”