The Art of Racing in the Rain… movie review (warning: spoilers!)

Oh my goodness, this movie. If you haven’t seen it yet, please do. Especially if you’re a lover of dogs. I will warn you though, it’s one that will have you sniffling and wiping away tears more than once… unless you’re one of those cat people. Hee hee meow. The Art of Racing in theContinue reading “The Art of Racing in the Rain… movie review (warning: spoilers!)”

I bet it was satisfying for her

I’ve been spending quite a bit of time on the road and I always imagine I look like Jimmie Johnson out there. Great hair, perfect beard, manly, the envy of all my peers. The problem is I don’t drive anything like he does professionally. But sometimes, yes sometimes, I like to think I’d win aContinue reading “I bet it was satisfying for her”

Bad drivers and my dramatic experience with one

I came across another driver in Nashville that thought he owned the road. It wasn’t this guy, though:  NERD ALERT: It was me! I’m actually pretty embarrassed by what I did. I’ve decided to punish myself by exposing my mistake to the world. I’ll explain more after you see the dash cam video, here:  Explanation:Continue reading “Bad drivers and my dramatic experience with one”

The Odd One Out

In a crowded room, do you ever feel like everyone knows something you don’t? When I go to Los Angeles, California that’s how I feel. Everyone’s trying to be somebody. Everyone wants everyone else to think they are somebody. If you don’t drive a Porsche or a Ferrari then you’re not quite successful. If you don’t have a view ofContinue reading “The Odd One Out”