Nissan Kicks TV Ad – music, murals, and more!

Nissan began making the Kicks back in 2018, replacing the Juke. Right off the bat I loved the way this SUV looked on the outside. Something about it is fun, sporty, and stylishly original. Take a look at a new ad from Nissan showing off the “Limitless Possibilities” of the 2021 Kicks. The music… featuredContinue reading “Nissan Kicks TV Ad – music, murals, and more!”

New Allstate commercial – actors, location, and music

Allstate uses a French song as the backdrop for an ad featuring various items on the roof of a car. We’ve all done that, haven’t we… left something on the roof? In this commercial titled “Smooth,” the items include: Jello cake, mug of tea, paint can, a bag of groceries, dinosaur (T-rex), flower in flowerContinue reading “New Allstate commercial – actors, location, and music”

2020 Land Rover Discovery… what happened?

THAT’S a Discovery? Ewww! I recently was at a stoplight next to an SUV that looked new; I didn’t recognize it by the body style. The only thing that gave it away was the word “Discovery” spanning the width of the rear end. All I could think in that moment was, “What? This looks likeContinue reading “2020 Land Rover Discovery… what happened?”

Who’s the dude in Ingrid Andress “More Hearts Than Mine” music video… and more info!

Rising over 1.8 million views on YouTube, obviously Ingrid has found something that might just “make America cry again.” The music video premiered on April 24th so by now you’ve had plenty of time to watch it. But here’s another chance… You can find plenty of info about the story behind the song, just checkContinue reading “Who’s the dude in Ingrid Andress “More Hearts Than Mine” music video… and more info!”

The dancers in Mat Kearney “Kings and Queens” video

Some music videos need to be over the top to get your attention, but others just let the lyrics, location, and a few talented storytellers draw you in. Such is the case with Mat Kearney’s video for “Kings and Queens.” ┬ávideo released on March 27, 2018 This beautifully stripped-down music video features Mat singing amongstContinue reading “The dancers in Mat Kearney “Kings and Queens” video”