Nissan Kicks TV Ad – music, murals, and more!

Nissan began making the Kicks back in 2018, replacing the Juke. Right off the bat I loved the way this SUV looked on the outside. Something about it is fun, sporty, and stylishly original. Take a look at a new ad from Nissan showing off the “Limitless Possibilities” of the 2021 Kicks.

The music… featured is the song “Fabulous” by a band called C.U.T. but good luck finding out anything about the band. Searching “Fabulous cut” will only draw up websites about hairstyles. The good news? You can find them on Spotify here (Spotify will open when you click).

Check out the full track below.

Location, location, location. In part of the ad, you can see the store signs for Social Study and Shorthand. These businesses are located in Highland Park, Los Angeles, CA. Address for Shorthand is 5030 York Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90042. Social Study is 5028 York Blvd.

Next location is Spring Tower Lofts, located in Los Angeles as well. Address is 637 South Spring Street, Los Angeles, CA 90014.

Also notice the mural on the wall, to the right of Spring Tower Lofts. Here is a list of various LA murals, including the one above.

The dog is a standard poodle. Large, aren’t they?

Watching the ad over and over, and paying attention to every frame, gave me a new appreciation for the details. It reminds me a lot of JAIN music videos. Watch it again and notice how the buildings move, the ground moves, color changes, the sunlight shifts in the very first scene. Really cool, and great attention to detail in the editing. Here is an example of the same attention paid in a JAIN music video.

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