New Allstate commercial – actors, location, and music

Allstate uses a French song as the backdrop for an ad featuring various items on the roof of a car. We’ve all done that, haven’t we… left something on the roof? In this commercial titled “Smooth,” the items include: Jello cake, mug of tea, paint can, a bag of groceries, dinosaur (T-rex), flower in flower pot, bedroom slippers, iced coffee, gold fish in small tank, bag of groceries, oranges, and a purse. 

[for more about Allstate’s new “Islands” commercial, click here]

The ad shows a clip of a young girl astonished at what she’s seeing on the roof of a nearby car. The actress is Violet McGraw, who plays a part in the Netflix series “Haunting of Hill House.” The red-headed actor at the end of the ad is Nathan Caywood. A big thanks to Steve for providing this info in the comments below. Thanks Steve!

The very last shot in the spot is an apartment complex in Los Angeles… 2234 Norwalk Avenue.

The song in this ad will stick with you. It’s called “Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien,” a French song by Edith Piaf. Translated this title means “No, I do not regret anything.”

The song has been used in other ads and movies, as well. Dove Chocolate, Cadillac, Inception, and Madagascar 3, just to name a few. Here is the Dove Chocolate ad:

And again in Madagascar 3:

And we might as well visit the original, Edith Piaf:

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6 thoughts on “New Allstate commercial – actors, location, and music

  1. i think the moon one, the girl with jello and the car with singing mount are all A+, get the originals extended and make a record deal.. they are great songs.. and Commercials..


  2. Poor girl. How do you go from, Haunting of Hill House, to an Allstate commercial… I thought she was really good in that show.


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