Allstate Island Commercial: The Islands, the Truck, the Tea Kettle, and the Hound!

**Note: if you’re looking for more info about the teapot in this ad, click here**

If you’ve seen the Allstate commercial with a guy driving around a small island and then wanted to book a trip there, this post is going to help you out! First of all, though, I’m glad you found my site. I do research on TV ads, but I also write about music, dating, and my dogs! (click those links to go there)

OK, back to the ad… I’m not the only one to write about this commercial and I didn’t discover the islands on my own. Check here for my source on which island, or islands, this ad was filmed. A trip to this little group of islands will cost you somewhere in the ballpark of $5,000 USD with travel and hotel on mainland Norway. A 5-night stay at one of the hotels on the small island, the Ona Havstuer, will cost you around 11,000 NOK (Norwegian Krone), which converts to roughly $1,250 (approx. $250/ night). Getting back to the Allstate ad… here is more info:

Ad Title: “Island”

Islands: Ona and Husoy, both in Norway

Aerial still image taken from Allstate Ad
image from Google maps, where you can see the same lighthouse from the commercial

Vehicle: mid 1990s Land Rover Defender

Dog: Basset Hound (update: she is a Basset Artesian Normand named Eli, check more in the comments below)

Basset on the window sill

The awesome tea kettle: check here for more about the tea kettle

Song and Band: “Morning Song” Babe Rainbow

While you’re here, take a look at research on other TV Ads by checking the Details About Popular TV Ads page.

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16 thoughts on “Allstate Island Commercial: The Islands, the Truck, the Tea Kettle, and the Hound!

  1. Also looking for a source on the tea kettle! If a local shop on the island mails them to the USA I would love to purchase one. Thanks!


  2. Am I wrong or was the woman in the house not in the early showing of the Allstate Island Commercial but was later added in?

    I remember thinking how irresponsible it would be for the man to leave the house with the stove top fire on under the teapot with no one home. Then I noticed the woman in the commercial. Was she added in later?

    Plus, there appears to be somebody riding a bicycle up to the house that I did not notice earlier.


    1. I thought the same! Actually was searching for others that noticed (or share the same delusion!). Thanks for posting.


    1. One might assume she left the house to tend to something outside. It wasn’t to walk the dog, we know that. If she were still in the house, she would have taken the tea off the stove before the man arrived home. My guess is she walked down to the shore to write in her journal. Her name is Alice, because halfway through the ad the man says, “Oh, Alice says hi!”


  3. Have to correct you a bit : the dog is not a basset hound, its a basset artesian normand,her name is Elli and I’m the owner.
    Second there are more places to stay than Ona havstuer, we offer accommodation at Onakaia guest house 😊 read more at
    Best regards Sindre Tverfjell

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