The tea kettle in Allstate’s “Islands” TV commercial

There are some really amazing vintage tea kettles out there and now, after researching for the one in this ad, I want one. Do I drink tea? Sometimes. Must I have one of these kettles? DEFINITELY. More on that later, but back to the point of this post… the awesome tea kettle in Allstate’s commercial:

Here’s a screen grab of the kettle in question. What is it? Who makes it? Where can we find one like it? Scroll down for answers.

If you’d like to buy a kettle like this, I think you’re in luck! It’s a Le Creuset Kettle Kone. You can go directly to the Le Creuset website but the vintage kettle kone is not available there. However, there is good news: you can find still find the retro kettles for purchase on a few websites.

Check out the one in the screenshot above from this website; it looks like they DO ship to the United States. Outside the U.S., check out the Tilbords website to find this kettle, as well.

I’d also like to send a big thanks to Sindre Tverfjell, an adventurer in Norway who helped confirm this info for me (and for you 🙂 ). Sindre is owner of the adorable dog named Ellie, appearing in the ad. Ellie is a basset artesian normand and with those big ears, how can you not love her?

I mean, look at the cuteness.

Sindre is also owner of Hustadvika Adventure, offering adventure packages on the coast of Norway, including the two islands featured in the Allstate commercial: Ona and Husøy. Check out their beautiful Instagram pictures, which makes me think Heaven must be in Norway.

PS. If you go on a Hustadvika Adventure and happen to see Ellie, be sure to pat her on the head for being such a good girl!

PPS. Don’t pat Sindre on the head, I don’t think he would like that. 🙂

OK, back to the kettle: A Le Creuset kettle kone will cost around $100 to $150 USD because of shipping (international) but there are similar kettles that might do the trick for you (listed below with links). I found a few on eBay. I would also suggest checking Etsy and Amazon using the search term “Le Creuset kettle kone” and maybe adding “meringue” if you want the creme/ivory color.

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Allstate Island Commercial: The Islands, the Truck, the Tea Kettle, and the Hound!

**Note: if you’re looking for more info about the teapot in this ad, click here**

If you’ve seen the Allstate commercial with a guy driving around a small island and then wanted to book a trip there, this post is going to help you out! First of all, though, I’m glad you found my site. I do research on TV ads, but I also write about music, dating, and my dogs! (click those links to go there)

OK, back to the ad… I’m not the only one to write about this commercial and I didn’t discover the islands on my own. Check here for my source on which island, or islands, this ad was filmed. A trip to this little group of islands will cost you somewhere in the ballpark of $5,000 USD with travel and hotel on mainland Norway. A 5-night stay at one of the hotels on the small island, the Ona Havstuer, will cost you around 11,000 NOK (Norwegian Krone), which converts to roughly $1,250 (approx. $250/ night). Getting back to the Allstate ad… here is more info:

Ad Title: “Island”

Islands: Ona and Husoy, both in Norway

Aerial still image taken from Allstate Ad
image from Google maps, where you can see the same lighthouse from the commercial

Vehicle: mid 1990s Land Rover Defender

Dog: Basset Hound (update: she is a Basset Artesian Normand named Eli, check more in the comments below)

Basset on the window sill

The awesome tea kettle: check here for more about the tea kettle

Song and Band: “Morning Song” Babe Rainbow

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