Follow Up: My Dogs Don’t Smoke

Following up on the news that my dogs aren’t actually addicted to nicotine, just food my neighbor’s been feeding them, I knew a conversation needed to happen. The how and when were still unknown, as were the words I would use to start the showdown. Something like “hey…” or “so anyway…” or “this might sound weird but…” is so much better than how I predicted it would go, “Listen you jerk” or “Hey neighbor bully” or “Your cat’s fat.”

The day came where I was able to bring up my concern and of course, the neighbor was totally fine with it. Since then, I haven’t seen much loitering which is awesome. I feel like I have my dogs again because there for a second, they wouldn’t even come inside when I called them. The power of food, I guess. I’m sure my dogs are wondering what happened. I reassure them that the food is going to needy dogs in third world countries like Kentucky.

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