GMC Hummer crab walk commercial, should we care?

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GMC has been pushing the “crab walk” feature on their new Hummer EV. Here’s the ad featuring LeBron James…

A celebrity endorsement is fine, but a 10-degree tire rotation is not. Maybe there’s been a situation where someone thought, “I wish I could go sideways but not much, just barely sideways,” but I can’t recall it ever happening in my life.

GMC, if this is going to be a feature you highlight then throw out all the boundaries, hurdles, and expectations. In other words, it’s 90-degrees or nothing. It’s kind of like the ongoing technology in shaving razorblades. There’s always a big to-do when a razor goes up a blade or two. I remember when it went from one blade to two. Then to three. I’ve often thought, “Why are they going up one by one? Why doesn’t a company just make one with 10 blades and call it a day?”

Go big or go home. Isn’t that what a celebrity of LeBron’s status would say, anyway?

And if the crab walk actually IS something we need, show us why. Show us how it can be used in a middle class American life. LeBron moving the SUV barely sideways on a random crab-infested driveway doesn’t make me want to go drop a hundred grand.

The music is catchy enough, the soundtrack being Missy Elliot’s “Get Your Freak On.” But folks commenting on the YouTube page call out the production crew for not using a song that might have made the ad epic. It’s Noisestorm’s “Crab Rave.”

What are your thoughts on the GMC ad? Leave a comment below, and thanks for crab walking over to my blog today…

-Out of the Wilderness

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