What happened to The Bachelor franchise?

Today’s post is coming from a long time fan of The Bachelor and all it’s spinoffs. I’ve watched for years and it’s taken me a long time to admit the show is trash. Some would say it was always trash but I truly believe in the beginning they actually cared about people finding love. Now,Continue reading “What happened to The Bachelor franchise?”

Hannah B and her thir(s)ty men – episode 1

The show starts with Chris Harrison talking to Hannah on the phone, asking her if she wants to be the Bachelorette. I have so many questions. Why was a camera crew recording her? Would ABC pay a crew to record a FaceTime chat between the two if she WASN’T going to be the Bachelorette? Here’sContinue reading “Hannah B and her thir(s)ty men – episode 1”

Ali Fedotowsky The Bachelorette, Episode 1.

Meet the Bachelors! Cue music, cue last season’s highlights, cue Ali Fedotowsky! Coming off a tough breakup with Jake Pavelka where Ali was “forced” to choose between her job and her man, she chose her job and lost her chance at love, until now— the sixth edition of The Bachelorette! Before 25-year-old Ali met theContinue reading “Ali Fedotowsky The Bachelorette, Episode 1.”