Such a train wreck!

Why is it that we love to see train wrecks? I’m not talking about ACTUAL crashes. I mean things like “The Bachelorette,” Tom Brady’s marriage, politicians on the debate stage. Each of those, and there are a million more, are part of pop culture for one reason only: they’re train wrecks and so often weContinue reading “Such a train wreck!”

Ten Hot Takes of the Week – November 7

Welcome to the second edition of “Ten hot takes of the week.” If you missed the first set of hot takes, check them out here. Moving on to this week, which includes an election on Tuesday, some of the hot takes below are political. If you have a few to add, share them in theContinue reading “Ten Hot Takes of the Week – November 7”

We all do this very weird thing every day

No matter how rich, no matter how poor, if someone is the biggest jerk or the nicest person in the world, everyone who’s ever lived lays down and waits… and waits… and waits… until they enter into a mysterious trance for 5 to 10 hours each day. Is that not super weird? I think aboutContinue reading “We all do this very weird thing every day”

Sometimes there are only two choices in sports, music, and entertainment. 

I was talking with someone recently about a couple of popular TV shows in the 1990s. It seems as though you are either a big fan of one and not the other, or you love the other one but not both. You might know which shows I’m talking about but I’ll give you a coupleContinue reading “Sometimes there are only two choices in sports, music, and entertainment. “

When you’re a boss Quarterback

The other day I was watching the Tampa Bay Bucs, quarterbacked by Tom Brady. He’s known as the GOAT because of his many Super Bowl rings and his overall domination as a QB. Side note, it’s also really cool that he seems to be such a family man. After the game in his post gameContinue reading “When you’re a boss Quarterback”