We all do this very weird thing every day

No matter how rich, no matter how poor, if someone is the biggest jerk or the nicest person in the world, everyone who’s ever lived lays down and waits… and waits… and waits… until they enter into a mysterious trance for 5 to 10 hours each day. Is that not super weird? I think aboutContinue reading “We all do this very weird thing every day”

Does sleep position affect dreams?

I’m SO sure I’m the first person to ever say this… dreams can be so weird! I won’t get into specifics about the meaning of dreams because last time I checked I wasn’t a scientist or biologist or whatever those people are called who study these things. My most recent dream was about a surpriseContinue reading “Does sleep position affect dreams?”

How Famous Men Sleep in 2020

About 10 years ago I posted a list of the sleeping positions of a few famous folks. Some were based on characters in TV shows and movies, and the rest were about real-life people. You can check that list here. I’ve decided it was time to update the list! So in 2020, here’s a listContinue reading “How Famous Men Sleep in 2020”

The most important thing in our world today

The other day as I was walking around the dog park with Piper and Asia another obvious, yet mind-blowing thought crossed my mind. Think about it… almost every single thing we do is directly or almost directly because of gravity alone. Shoes? We want a comfortable pair because why? Because gravity is pulling us downContinue reading “The most important thing in our world today”