Elvis the movie experience!

Good Luck Charm… Obviously it was expected that Tom Hanks would do a great job but I’ll just echo what everyone is saying… the acting was amazing. And all I can really say is, Austin Butler. Austin Butler. Austin Freakin’ Butler! He played Elvis and I’m not exaggerating when I say that, at times, IContinue reading “Elvis the movie experience!”

Is Today Show Rom-Com Showdown Rigged? [PART 2, final four update]

Earlier this week NBC’s TODAY Show kicked off their Rom-Com Bracket Showdown featuring 16 romantic comedies. Fans all over the country offered many other movies that could have (or should have) made this list, but that is a post for another day. One day The Notebook, one day. Before the voting officially started, did hostsContinue reading “Is Today Show Rom-Com Showdown Rigged? [PART 2, final four update]”

Tom Hanks to Play Gay Republican Stuck at White House in ‘Terminal 2’

Washington, D.C. — In Terminal (2004), Tom Hanks starred as Viktor Navorski, an international traveller stuck in the JFK Airport terminal after arriving from his politically unstable, war-torn country of Krakozhia. Unforeseen circumstances cause Viktor to be detained at the airport for 9 months, which is short if you’ve ever tried to fly American Airlines.Continue reading “Tom Hanks to Play Gay Republican Stuck at White House in ‘Terminal 2’”

How Famous Men Sleep in 2020

About 10 years ago I posted a list of the sleeping positions of a few famous folks. Some were based on characters in TV shows and movies, and the rest were about real-life people. You can check that list here. I’ve decided it was time to update the list! So in 2020, here’s a listContinue reading “How Famous Men Sleep in 2020”

Please Tell Me This Is Normal. #4

Whenever I watch movies like Titanic, Open Water, Castaway, or Rescue Dawn, I always wonder why in the world they don’t ask the camera guy for help!? I mean, he’s right there. That’s what I would do if I were floating in the ocean, stuck on an island, or taken captive in Vietnam and someoneContinue reading “Please Tell Me This Is Normal. #4”