Tom Hanks to Play Gay Republican Stuck at White House in ‘Terminal 2’

Washington, D.C. — In Terminal (2004), Tom Hanks starred as Viktor Navorski, an international traveller stuck in the JFK Airport terminal after arriving from his politically unstable, war-torn country of Krakozhia. Unforeseen circumstances cause Viktor to be detained at the airport for 9 months, which is short if you’ve ever tried to fly American Airlines.Continue reading “Tom Hanks to Play Gay Republican Stuck at White House in ‘Terminal 2’”

Deep sleep and vivid dreams

I softly say a┬ásilent prayer like dreamers do. Then I fall asleep to dreams, my dreams of you. Roy Orbison Yesterday I had one, and today I had another; extremely vivid dreams. Moreso than any dreams I’ve had in a long time. The first included one of my grandfathers who passed away a few yearsContinue reading “Deep sleep and vivid dreams”

Why I’d suck at war

In the cold days of fall and winter, I typically keep my A/C low. Think 65┬░ as a high indoors. It gets quite chilly. I have ways to combat the frigid temperatures; a space heater, blankets, dogs. They all work together to make it more bearable. Here’s one of my dogs with our space heater.Continue reading “Why I’d suck at war”