A Walk in the Park

I haven’t been to this dog park in ages, but the weather was just right so we hit the dusty leaf-covered trail!

-Out of the Wilderness

Leaves of Fall


freckles 2.

freckles 3.


lonely color.

lonely color 2.

among friends. 

she’s so green, I don’t care.

Jurrasic leaf.

of all the leaves, why me?

Fall, almost my favorite time of the year

The leaves here in Nashville are turning to bright yellows and vibrant reds as the temperature drops, signaling a season so many people love, fall.


I love this part of year for the cool nights, the leaves changing, and knowing that Christmas is right around the corner.

What do I not love? The cold days, September allergies, and knowing that as far as temperature goes it’s going to get worse before it gets better.

I already can’t wait for summer 🙂


-Out of the Wilderness

Why I’d suck at war

In the cold days of fall and winter, I typically keep my A/C low. Think 65° as a high indoors. It gets quite chilly. I have ways to combat the frigid temperatures; a space heater, blankets, dogs. They all work together to make it more bearable. Here’s one of my dogs with our space heater.

Piper and I love being warm by that little heater.

But then the time comes to take a shower. In the 30 seconds the water is warming up (before I set foot in it), I wonder what a soldier would do right now? I think of myself as weak because I’m waiting for the freezing cold water to warm up to hot tub temp. I ask myself,

If I were in the military and didn’t have a choice, like I’m in a war zone or something, where there wasn’t any hot water, could I wake up and take a cold shower?

I usually don’t come up with an answer before the water is steamy and I hop in for a relaxing shower. I’m so weak.

-Out of the Wilderness

10 signs that Christian guy is into you

10. He says he won’t marry you until Proposition 8 is supported by all 50 states.

9. His Facebook status is a direct quote from something you said in Bible study.

8. He sends his friend to talk to you, just so he can casually walk up and join the conversation.

7. He wants to light your unity candle, if you know what I mean.unity-candle-songs-wedding-hit6. He comments that you two fit together like praise and worship.

5. He’s not afraid to Tebow with you in public.

4. He tags you, and only you, in his Facebook note that reads, “If anyone wants to help me deliver food to the elderly Friday night, and then catch a movie, let me know.”

3. You tell him you’ve signed up for the Spring retreat and he says he did, too. Then you see him sign up for the Spring retreat.

*Take a quick break and check out a horrible date I had with a girl I was into, until this horrible date, that is 🙂

2. He says if you both were alive before the flood, he’d want to walk into the Ark with you.noah-mural-web

1. During the Lord’s Supper, he leans over and asks, “Want to top off this supper with some dessert?”