Cocaine Bear… seriously!?

I happened to catch a commercial for Cocaine Bear and thought, “Is this real!?” Kind of like what people had to have asked when that song “Friday” swept over the country a few years back. Well, “Friday” is very real and so is Cocaine Bear! Here’s the trailer… Everybody looks forward to the weekend, right?Continue reading “Cocaine Bear… seriously!?”

It’s kinda been a crazy week

It’s kinda been a crazy week… and I’m not just talking about the weather! Although, the weather here in Nashville has been crazy. One day I’m in shorts, the next day I’m bundled up to my nose in winter clothes. Then they want us to hunker down in our tornado shelters. That same afternoon IContinue reading “It’s kinda been a crazy week”

10 signs that Christian guy is into you

Ever wondered if that Christian guy you’ve had your eyes on may feel the same way about you? The following list gives some surefire signs he thinks God broke the mold when he made you. Enjoy!

Second-by-Second Review of “Friday” by Rebecca Black

This is what music has come to, readers. Enjoy!¬†Scroll down past the video to get my thoughts and synopsis of this song. 0:00 starts with a desk calendar featuring almost-familiar quotes for each weekday. Pencil video effect, nice touch. 0:03 I know watching this is a gigantic mistake. 0:11 clicked on the X to closeContinue reading “Second-by-Second Review of “Friday” by Rebecca Black”