It’s kinda been a crazy week

It’s kinda been a crazy week… and I’m not just talking about the weather! Although, the weather here in Nashville has been crazy. One day I’m in shorts, the next day I’m bundled up to my nose in winter clothes. Then they want us to hunker down in our tornado shelters. That same afternoon I could’ve got sunburned. Crazy stuff.

But what’s most exciting and well, pretty much has me speechless is seeing both of my books on store shelves as far south as Tallahassee, Florida and out west in Branson, Missouri. Click here for a post about that on my book website.

Today is Friday, March 3rd!

The agenda today includes more work on a documentary about a boy with a rare diagnosis who, to this day, is defying the odds. He’s surrounded by a great family that loves him so much, and perhaps that love has been the most effective thing for his disability.

I’ve also recently started on another video project about the military. It’s still in the early stages as far as my involvement goes, but I think it’ll turn out to be a great project.

Yesterday I delivered for Amazon Prime, a job which came into my life at the most divine time back in 2015. It popped up after I’d been laid off from my job of 10 years (click here for more about that!). The work allows, actually it requires, me to drive all over middle Tennessee so I’m able to listen to books on CD, music on Spotify/radio, talk radio like the great Phil Valentine Show, and of course, deliver goods to happy* neighbors all over the city.

*mostly happy.

Today I also start an 8-day hosting gig for a 17-year old blind dog named Sparky. He’s been a guest in my home before and I’m excited to have him here again. I love old dogs. And to be clear, I love puppies, too. But something about old dogs just makes my heart beat more definitely.

Hope y’all have a great weekend!

-Out of the Wilderness




Which Scooby Doo are you today?

Leave it to the everso loveable great dane for a perfect example of how it feels to be a human. Do these match up with your week?


Scooby Monday

You either really feel this way, or just want everyone to think you do as you chill under an umbrella for your last day at the beach.



Scooby Tuesday

Finding out you have 180 unread emails.



Scooby Wednesday

It’s hump day, but don’t tell your dog, please. It means something totally different at the dog park.



Scooby Thursday2

Slap happy after dealing with humans all week.



Scooby Friday

It’s Friday, Friday… gotta get down on Friday.


10 signs that Christian guy is into you

10. He says he won’t marry you until Proposition 8 is supported by all 50 states.

9. His Facebook status is a direct quote from something you said in Bible study.

8. He sends his friend to talk to you, just so he can casually walk up and join the conversation.

7. He wants to light your unity candle, if you know what I mean.unity-candle-songs-wedding-hit6. He comments that you two fit together like praise and worship.

5. He’s not afraid to Tebow with you in public.

4. He tags you, and only you, in his Facebook note that reads, “If anyone wants to help me deliver food to the elderly Friday night, and then catch a movie, let me know.”

3. You tell him you’ve signed up for the Spring retreat and he says he did, too. Then you see him sign up for the Spring retreat.

*Take a quick break and check out a horrible date I had with a girl I was into, until this horrible date, that is 🙂

2. He says if you both were alive before the flood, he’d want to walk into the Ark with you.noah-mural-web

1. During the Lord’s Supper, he leans over and asks, “Want to top off this supper with some dessert?”

Second-by-Second Review of “Friday” by Rebecca Black

This is what music has come to, readers. Enjoy! Scroll down past the video to get my thoughts and synopsis of this song.

0:00 starts with a desk calendar featuring almost-familiar quotes for each weekday. Pencil video effect, nice touch.
0:03 I know watching this is a gigantic mistake.
0:11 clicked on the X to close annoying Mazda advertisement at the bottom of the screen.
0:12 the music video starts at midnight according to her clock. Hey Rebecca, 1993 called and they want their clock back.
0:30 so many words have been said. None have rhymed.
0:33 four friends show up in a convertible. Sweet. Now she can arrive at school in style.
0:36 slow motion waving. Slow motion peace sign.
0:42 she asks which seat she can take. Well, there’s 4 people and 5 seats. Can anyone say, backseat middle bump?
0:47 average looking friends “getting down” to chorus of song.
0:56 Ten and two, young man, ten and two.
1:00 backseat boy taps hand on car’s side, clearly off beat.
1:06 fun, fun, fun, fun. Wow, lots of fun.
1:08 sorta wishing I clicked on that Mazda ad.
1:10 evidently we don’t get to see the “fun” at school. Or what she ate for dinner. It’s already 7:45 and their unsafely driving around town with NO SEATBELTS ON! Billy Ray Cyrus would be proud.
1:10 car tires clearly not moving.
1:12 car dancing. I love car dancing. It’s almost as fun as car eating or car talking on the phone.
1:17 sprinkler dance: fail.
1:21 pink dress girl gets a shout out. “my friend is on my right.” Sorry other 3 girls in car. Maybe you’ll get a credit in her album liners.
1:24 car tires. Still not moving.
1:32 is she about to cry?
1:35 she still doesn’t know which seat to take. Listen, you’re already in the middle, just accept it and move on.
1:38 party time. Rebecca nearly clips friend when opening car door.
1:43 evidence for why there were at least 3 cars still there the next morning. This is not the year 3000! Headlights don’t turn themselves off, dorkwads.
1:47 is she getting more nasally? Is that possible?
1:51 pizza has arrived, party is moving indoors.
2:02 my favorite dance move she does: hands out, palms facing forward. Slight knee bend and lurch forward. Love it.
2:05 back to desk calendar and pencil video effect.
2:13 throughout the whole song I noticed her stellar grammar. Then this? How dare you, Rebecca. BTW, dropping the word “are” doesn’t make you street, Becc-dog! It doesn’t make you street. *sniff*
2:23 who knew learning the days of the week could be so educational and at the same time, so entertaining?
2:30 what is happening? Who is this?
2:41 why does seeing a school bus excite him?
2:46 can’t he sell drugs on weekdays, too?
2:49 evidently the party never went indoors like they led us to believe. Hollywood, uuuggghhhh.
2:58 poor tree. How long must it endure this song being replayed while shooting this video with no real way to retaliate? I miss the Lord of the Ring trees. They were awesome and they would’ve made things right.
3:10 ask the tree if it’s having “fun, fun, fun, fun.”
3:23 he must’ve caught up to the bus, he looks happy.
3:33 is it too late to click on the Mazda advertisement?
3:42 deep breaths. Deep breaths. How can I make up these 4 minutes? And the 30 minutes I spent writing this? UUUUGGGGGGHHHHHHHH