Why dogs curl up when they sleep

What do you get when you’ve been dog-sitting through Rover.com for almost 2 years? A lot of stories! I’ve had a wide range of big dogs, small dogs, wide dogs, long dogs, young dogs, old dogs, fun dogs, hot dogs… wait, what? I’ve had all kinds of dogs of all ages but one thing I’veContinue reading “Why dogs curl up when they sleep”

It’s kinda been a crazy week

It’s kinda been a crazy week… and I’m not just talking about the weather! Although, the weather here in Nashville has been crazy. One day I’m in shorts, the next day I’m bundled up to my nose in winter clothes. Then they want us to hunker down in our tornado shelters. That same afternoon IContinue reading “It’s kinda been a crazy week”

Instead of watching a movie… I did this

Do you ever have those days where you say┬áto yourself, “I think it’s time we show ah face at the local theatah.” Obviously you’d have a British accent, right? Sunday was one of those days because my fantasy team was tanking. Plus, Sunday Night Football was the Cowboys versus the Saints #whodatwhocares. But the moreContinue reading “Instead of watching a movie… I did this”